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Strategic Marketing Solutions for Start-Up and Progressive Companies

If you are a young company with a new product that you want to roll out, or you are an existing business with a new revenue stream to add to your arsenal, you are probably experiencing some level of challenges (not to mention anxieties) in these areas:

“How can I develop a comprehensive launch plan with little in-house marketing expertise?”

“How do we position our product, up against our competition who is a big elephant?

“What can we do better in defining what we do so our customers are less confused?”

“We have a great product and distribution strategy. Now what do we do next with our branding strategy?”

We have helped over hundreds of clients in solving their challenges with creative solutions, and we can help you too!

We are passionate marketers, brand fanatics, common-sense and level-headed people dedicating our talents to help young and progressive companies launch and thrive in the mainstream, cultivating meaningful customer relationships, and remaining competitive and profitable in innovative and strategic ways.

We also love to work with socially-responsible and purpose-driven companies who understand the importance of branding and care to invest in making their brands a great asset.

With our help, you will gain these benefits:

  • A viable business supported with marketing to attract funding
  • Articulating your differences and stand out in the crowd
  • Acquiring new customers and keeping existing ones
  • Expanding customer base through wider distribution coverage
  • Crafting compelling marketing messages across multiple communication channels
  • Aligning marketing activities with business goals for bottom-line impact

And we don’t just help you get started. We’ll stay around to guide you at every growth stage of your business, so you can thrive when you get there and aspire to the next level, with senior marketing support that you can count on.

Learn more about us and our services. And get our 3 quick tips so you can start investing in your marketing and growing your business on the right track.

Contact us for your next marketing project and you’ll be delighted with heaps of marketing brain powers working for you!

Or check out our on-going specials and let us know how we can help you!

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