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Strategic Marketing Solutions for Start-Up and Progressive Companies

If you are looking for reliable and capable marketing professionals to help you get things done, you have come to the right place.

Jenny C. Huang Marketing Consulting brings you a group of passionate marketers dedicated to helping start up and progressive companies launch into the mainstream, gain visibility and remain competitive in innovative and strategic ways.

We offer a blend of strategic marketing, revenue generation, and customer engagement expertise to help you gain efficiency and be more effective in your marketing and branding efforts. Combined with our keen sense of business acumen, you can rest assured that your marketing investments are aligned with your business goals to create impact for your bottomline.

Our strategic marketing advisory and consulting boutique is different from other marketing resources simply because we believe in one thing: “people buy from people (or brands) whom they trust, not just products and features” Ask your customers this question and you’ll know why what we do matters in building credibility for your product, your company’s marketing success and its potential revenue stream.

With our help, you will gain these benefits:

Learn more about us and our services. And get our 3 quick tips so you can start investing in your marketing and growing your business on the right track.

Contact us for your next marketing project and you’ll be delighted with heaps of marketing brain powers working for you!

Or check out our on-going specials and let us know how we can help you.

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